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Advance Internship Program



Start your Design Journey with our Training & Internship Program.

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Architecture & Interior Design


Starts July 1st

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  • How do I know it's for me?
    Are you an Architecture or Interior design Student? Are you looking for an Internship? Do you feel you are struggling with a certain topic about design and practice or you want to learn about it, but can't find the right place to do so? Do you wish you had a community of likeminded students and professionals, then yes it's for you.
  • Does it matter if I'm new to industry?
    The sooner, the better! This is an Architecture and Interior Design Internship Program. And this community is for students only! You can learn all you want, upscale your skills and embark your journey the way you want.
  • Is this a webinar or a program.
    This is a 4 Month Online Internship Program. Certificate Available. In this program, students get weekly tasks and assignments (related to architecture and interior design) and then have to submit the work. Weekly progress reports are to be submitted. And assessment sessions are provided on request. It is an intense training program provided by The Hashtag Studio.
  • Is this program easy to access?
    Absolutely! As easy as joining facebook. Just SignUp (as student for internship program) on the page to access the community. Also download the mobile app to stay connected. Check registered mail Id after signing-up, for all guidance. Make sure to join the WhatsApp group (Link provided on the page).
  • Is this a Paid Internship Program? And is there any Fees to register for this?
    This is an Unpaid Internship Program. While for students the whole program is Free, we charge a very little registration amount for the orientation session (generally less then a coffee), and a nominal charge for the certificate that varies depending on the time we are offering it to you.
  • What are the Timings of the Online Sessions?
    These are monthly sessions, you can join in every session if you have registered for it. Timings for the respective session is mentioned with it registration link that will be provided to you on the respective WhatsApp group. Kindly, check the date and time details before registering for any event.
  • Will it be a recorded webinar ?
    No, its a Live Session, we'll be there with you live for 2 hours.
  • Does my location matter?
    No! All the webinars are online. You just need your phone or a computer device with internet connection to access it from anywhere.
  • When can I get started?
    Right away! SignUp on our mobile app. Join the WhatsApp group. You will receive email from us shortly with your link.

Join the Advance Internship Program Now

# It's totally free to join

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