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Er. Saksham Goel | Studio Design

Also being a Musician and an Architect, Utkarsh understands the hurdles coming our way and the problem we all as Musicians And Artists are facing today. This Pandemic has left us trapped in home, being an Artist, collaborating and meeting new people is our livelihood.

The world is evolving and so should we. 


This new era expects the artists to stay home and work, but we know that our home isn't the best place to Produce Music or create some great Digital Content.

In India , out of all the people who desire to be a Content Creator or more precisely, Podcaster, Gamer, Live Streamer, Graphic Designer, Digital Artist, Musician or Music Producer only 10% make through it successfully.

The reason?

And everyone knows improving the Workspace, results in improving the Efficiency. 

So, here we are to design your Workspace or Studio, or even a Home Studio i.e. a completely isolated/soundproof and acoustically treated room where you can make your dreams come true.

Our Studio Design scope includes:

  - Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment.

  - Tech Gear and Equipment .

  - Light and Sound Setup.

  - Customized studio furniture.

  - Premium interiors.


The Hashtag Studio have collaborated with some of the Finest Sound Engineers and Acousticians to provide you with the best solutions for your Home Studio.

The team is headed by Er. Saksham Goel, who is a Sound Engineer, Media Production Specialist, Acoustician, Musician and a Multi Instrumentalist.

He started playing guitar when he was in high school and since then he has developed a vast understanding of several instruments. He grew between instruments and gained in depth knowledge of all the techniques and technicalities that go in, from the manufacturing of an instrument to the extent of its playability.

He's also a Computer Science Engineer and a Photography Enthusiast. This technical side of him makes him look into the deeper details of his creative work and gains him the best possible results. When he was in college, he formed a Photography Crew called RIM 4.0 which lately became a real success.

He led a popular Delhi based band as the Vocalist for 3 years and performed in more than 10 different cities across the country. His curiosity in sound made him join, the True School of Music as a Sound Engineering student and he has also worked with BAJAAO Music Private Limited as a Gear Consultant.

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