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hashtag INTERIO

Planning to renovate your home? Or perhaps you're finally taking the leap and decorating your dream home. At The Hashtag Studio, We strive to deliver a comprehensive makeover of the given space through our interior design ideas and meticulous work. Our iterative and immersive process with our clients helps us take well-informed decisions. 

Ar. Utkarsh is one of the emerging designers in India and specializes in delivering a wide range of styles – from Indian Traditional, contemporary to classic, minimalist and modern interior designs. He has a portfolio of various kinds of projects, ranging from bungalows, offices to hospitality projects.

We follow a step-by-step method of designing, which includes:

  - Assessment of client’s requirement.

  - Creating mood boards and defining budgets.

  - Finalization of design and layout.

  - Material selection and procurement.

  - Project Management.

We'll design your dream home

At Hashtag Interio, we are not just product designers and interior designers. We are simply people who appreciate and apprehend life. We create spaces that are more than just aesthetically pleasing. We create spaces that care for your well-being, keep you healthy, bring people together & address your emotional needs, so that, just like us, you can celebrate life too.. 

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