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Ar. Jyoti | The Hashtag Studio

We as Landscape Architect create a space that anchors your house to the site, connect it with the environment and create a welcoming exterior to the home. From soil, grasses and plants to structural components such as retaining walls, walkways and even water features to maintaining these lush grounds, we are well-versed in the elements that make up a functional and visually pleasing outdoor space. 

We  follow a design-build approach — taking care of both the design and all aspects of the landscape architecture and construction.


The Hashtag Studio have collaborated with Ar. Jyoti Singh, one of the most talented landscape architect graduates from SPA Delhi to provide you with the best solutions for your Home or commercial garden spaces.

Jyoti is trained to develop comprehensive structural plans that include plants, hardscaping, water use, drainage and more. She can also propose and efficiently design any structure that could be added to the landscape, such as gazebos, retaining walls and other garden features. Jyoti's expertise is in understanding your space and natural environment. She also specialize in aesthetics and horticulture.


Keeping in mind both style and functionality, we analyze your architecture and garden to produce a plan that may or may not include location and materials for walkways, patios, water features, garden aspects and more. In addition, we carefully assess your geographic region to choose plants, trees, and flowers that will flourish naturally, as well as address concerns such as drainage, screening and soil conditions.


We work closely with architects and other contractors to develop your landscape or garden in accordance with the other greens.

We as landscape architects and designers not only help you with the planning portion, but also we may deliver the plans and then oversee a hired landscape contractor depending upon the location of the project.

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